RIP Luna Afterdark

Hey everybody! Just a small announcement. Luna Afterdark will take a month hiatus from this story arc. I’m not ending it here, I’ll just take a break from it and come back later. The reason for this pause, it’s because at the moment, I’m trying to put most of my drawing time to work on some other stuff that I’ll let known on another Mod post. But at the same time. I don’t want to leave you guys without anything for an entire month.

So! This is what we are gonna do. 

I’m gonna try do some simple non colored, non canon sketchy updates that wont take a really big amount of effort (If you follow my mod blog, then you are probably really familiar with the kind of drawings I’m talking about). Which means I can still work on my other stuff, while still bringing you at least a bit of Luna to your Tumblr life.

This updates won’t be that big or that refined. But if everything works fine. I maybe  might be able to do them in kind of a daily basic.

Best part none of this will be canon. So if you ever wanted to send a really silly question, that you know I totally wouldn’t answer like, let’s say:

Then buddy, this is your time to shine.

Anyways, TL;DR

The “Human Luna Afterdark” story arc will take a month break. In the mean time I’ll update this blog with silly non canon sketchy updates. That is all.